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Rodgers’ New Helmet, A Dark Secret

February 02, 2011

By: Nabeel Ahmadieh. 2/1/11. 9:57PM

During the NFC championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took a devastating hit from defensive end Julius Peppers.  The blow was head-to-head and Peppers was penalized with an illegal roughing the passer penalty, resulting in 15 yards for the Pack.  It was similar to many plays we’ve seen this season that have resulted in concussions. 

Rodgers is no stranger to concussions, already being exposed to two of them prior to the postseason.  As mentioned by Sports Illustrated's Peter King, Rodgers has been wearing a new high-tech model helmet to help limit the chances of repeating concussions.  That very helmet, may have been the sole reason he wasn’t concussed after the destructive hit by Peppers.  "As much as the new helmet feels uncomfortable and I'm still getting used to it, I'm really happy I was wearing it on that hit,'' Rodgers told Peter King.

So it’s all solved right?  We’ve found a way to not lose out on all the fantastic hits we cherish, and a way to protect our players from concussions.  Not just players in the NFL, but for youth associations and high schools alike.   They might suffer with a little discomfort at first from the helmet, but in the long run help prevent dangerous head injuries.  WRONG.

For whatever reason, according to Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN, the Green Bay Packers refuse to release the name and model type of the helmet

“Rodgers won't tell you what kind of helmet he switched to. Neither will the Green Bay Packers. A Super Bowl quarterback and his team have information that might increase neurological safety -- and won't share it.,” shared Easterbrook, enraged by the secretive behavior. 

For every NFL player there is 500 high school athletes.  Even more at the youth levels that range from pee-wee ankle biters to Junior High athletes.  For the betterment of football players far-and-beyond the NFL, the Packers information could be critical to the evolving sport.  So why on Earth would they keep it a secret?  


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