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February Celebrity Madness

Some of you participated, others of you were aware, either way this is a must know. Nabeel breaks down our results for the February Celebrity Madness pool which was done NCAA Tournament style!

How To Fix The Miami Heat: Pat Riley

Sunday night a lightbulb went off in the ADD mind of Kevin Jones. The Miami Heat have been continually outcoached in big games this season. Jones writes about a few minor tweaks this team needs... and...

NBA Conspiracy: How & Why This League Is Going Global

Kevin Jones loves the NBA. He's obsessed. But he has these views that the league is semi-corrupt. Read about where he sees the future of the sport going.

College Basketball’s Best Rivalry: UNC-Duke

One of the best rivalry in all of sports, the different blue themed teams take the floor tonight. Nabeel presents the basic overview, what each team stands to lose and the top five factors for the ma...

The Different Dynamics of Super Bowl XLV

Nabeel breaks down Super Bowl XLV between two of the most historic franchises in NFL history. Both had fun roads to get here, and it seems fitting that they face each other with glaring story lines. ...

Texas Is Finally A Team

Kevin Jones has finally found a team that he can believe in during this College Basketball season. Read more on why Jones sees the Horns going a long way come March.

NFC Championship Preview: Who Matters The Most?

Kevin Jones breaks down which players are going to be the most instrumental in propelling their team to Super Bowl XLV

AFC Conference Championship Game: Differing Approaches

Nabeel breaks down how the Steelers and Jets got to this point in the season. Both teams have similar identities as far as philosophy goes, however both built their rosters very differently.

A Competitive NFL Weekend Ahead

Nabeel breaks down the upcoming NFL weekend with players to watch and his predictions. In what looks to be an exhilarating weekend, NFL fans will be delighted with the slate of games.

The Jets Can Win And There's Plenty Of Reasons Why

In August, Kevin Jones predicted the New York Jets would be playing in Jerry's Palace and he's sticking by his bold pick. Read the four reasons why the Jets will be advancing to the AFC Championship g...

NFC Playoff Percentages: Daaaaa Bearsssss

Kevin Jones explains why he can't wait for this NFL season to be over with and why the Chicago Bears are the best team in the NFC

AFC Playoff Percentages: Running Through New England

Screw all the game-by-game predictions everyone predicts. If you're putting money on one team to advance out of the postseason, you need to know the percentage of chance they posses. By percentage h...

Retro-Diary: Los Angeles Lakers @ Washington Wizards

Nabeel heads to the Verizon Center with a few entertaining guests to see his beloved Lakers. He retells the story here, featuring his crazy relative and his obnoxious doings.

NBA: Scorching Hot

The NBA season is no longer in its beginning stages. Kevin Jones takes a look at three of the hottest teams in the league.

Reverse Senioritis

Kevin Jones does some investigative reporting in this column why college running backs need to stay in school.

College Basketball Preview: Duke Blue Devils Quest To Repeat

Nabeel swears there is only one ELITE team in college basketball this season. It just so happens that they are the most hated team in the nation. Are there a few teams that can surprise the Blue Dev...

Thaddues "Young"

Kevin Jones had the pleasure of interviewing Philadelphia 76er Forward Thaddeus Young last week at the Verizon Center. Check out and see why KJ thinks his role needs to be increased.

The Little Things In Sports I'm Thankful For

Kevin Jones depicts some of things he's thankful for in the world of sports.

Five Things To Be Thankful For

Nabeel put a lot of thought into his most fascinating article of the year. Combing sports and 'real' life stuff in an entertaining piece.

76ers-Wizards Game: Retro Diary

Kevin details the ups and downs of Bold Sports Talk's trip to the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Kevin Jones is working on a couple of other projects, so sorry about the lack of originality in this coulmn. As is always the case with Mr. Jones, there are several surprises in the rankings.

It's Been Awhile, How About A Dallas Cowboys Rant!

Nabeel is losing his mind because of his Dallas Cowboys. He is beginning to convince himself that maybe he should be rooting for Jason Garrett to win the Head Coaching Position.

The NFL's Elite: The Two Most Important Positions

Quarterbacks and Coaches are the two most vital parts to a NFL franchise. Kevin Jones breaks down this years best.

World Series Champs:One GIANT Leap for Mankind

Kevin talks how this World Series was big for baseball and why the San Francisco Giants are here to stay.

Western Conference Week One NBA Recap

Nabeel takes on team-by-team breakdown of each NBA team after the first week of NBA action.

Eastern Conference Week One NBA Recap

Kevin dibbles and dabbles on what certain teams are doing right and wrong after one week of basketball action.

NBA: Western Conference Preview

Kevin dips into the NBA's Western Conference!

NBA: Eastern Conference Preview

Nabeel breaks down the Eastern Conference in the NBA!

Fan Mailbag Question: Part 2

Now it's Nabeel's turn to answer critical questions. Some certainly informative predictions and explanations.

Fan Mailbag Question: Part 1

You had questions and Kevin has answers! Kevin touches up on everything around the sports world.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy Up For Grabs

This season is different than in years past and it is way to early to count out many NFL teams. Where do the 32 NFL teams stand at this point in the season?

Minor Football Details Are Propelling The Washington Redskins

The Redskins are off too a 3-2 start, yet, somehow the rest of the NFL is unimpressed. Kevin explains why this new Redskins team is a team to watch for the remainder of the season.

Going Against The Grain

Kevin Jones loves many things people hate. Kevin Jones hates many things people love. Check out the official sports list.

Kobe vs. LeBron: How About All-Star Weekend

NBA Commissioner David Stern needs to take advantage of this trash-talking 1-on-1 talk. Here's a crazy thought: How about NBA All-Star weekend?

OchoCinco Is Ready To Take Over Our World

Kevin Jones explains why ChadOchocinco is on the cusp of becoming one of the most famous people in the entire world

The All-Time Ten Best Athletes To Share A Beer With

Of all the athletes that have passed through our sports world over time, who would you most like to share a conversation and a beer with?

Newsflash: Chris Cooley Is Not Good

Experts always proclaim Donovan McNabb has two weapons in Washington. Well I'm here to argue that he actually only has one.

Pittsburgh Steelers In Super Bowl Form

Nabeel breaks down the Pittsburgh Steelers and explains why he believes they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at this point in the season.

Alex Smith Flashes Potential, Gives Hope to the Bay Area

Nabeel breaks down quarterback Alex Smith's final drive and solid performance in a losing effort. For some crazy reason he thinks the former No. 1 drafted quarterback might be giving this team hope. ...

Retro Diary: Weekend at Virginia Tech

My beloved Pirates faced the Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg this past weekend. I made the trip with the team, well not literally, but my trip was a little different. . .

NL MVP Race: The Long and Adventerous Road

An entertaining and descriptive timeline of the NL MVP Race. Featuring the three-headed monster of Joey Votto, Carlos Gonzalez and Albert Pujols.

College Football Week 3 Road Map

Whether you realize it or not, early season College Football is the equivalent to a playoff.

Redskins Pass Mental Test, Still Have Miles To Go

Mike Shanahan had the Redskins on the same page against the Cowboys Sunday

Dallas Cowboys Loss, Jason Garrett To Blame

The Cowboys had many opportunities to beat the Redskins. It wasn't the plays at the end of each half that cost them the game.

NFL Preview: AFC

Kevin Jones breaks down the AFC with twitter-esque responses from Nabeel Ahmadieh for each team!

NFL Preview: NFC

Nabeel Ahmadieh breaks down the NFC with twitter-esque responses from Kevin Jones for each team!