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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is the more ridiculous, obnoxious and opinionated one at Bold Sports Talk. Kevin has interned for ESPN True Hoop ( where he blogged for 76ers summer league. This past summer Kevin also interned with the Florida League, where he was a beat reporter and radio broadcaster for a college summer baseball team. Davey Johnson, a four time all-star and World Series manager of the 1986 New York Mets happened to be the skipper of the team Kevin covered this summer. 

Kevin previously had writing internships for and , where he covered ECU football. 

Kevin’s expertise is the NFL, College Basketball and the MLB, followed closely by the NBA and College Football. Unfortunately for Kevin, he was born into a family of Washington Redskins fans, who subsequently brainwashed him into rooting for the burgundy and gold. Surprisingly, Kevin has been a firm supporter of owner Daniel Snyder.

Kevin’s other loyalties lie with the Washington Nationals and the Washington Wizards (although Kevin recently has pondered switching to become an Atlanta Hawks fan.)

Kevin is known to have outrageous theories on the NBA being slightly rigged, Magic Johnson, and how having fantasy teams are like having children.

Kevin had the privilege of watching George Mason upset UCONN in the 2006 Elite Eight.

Kevin’s sports influences are Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, Bob Uecker, John Madden and Gus Johnson.

Love him or hate him, people are always listening to Kevin Jones’ opinions.

Nabeel Ahmadieh 

Nabeel Ahmadieh is the basketball guru of the Bold Sports Talk. Nabeel played in high school and has experience coaching High School summer leagues.  

Nabeel is experienced in many fields of the sports industry, previously having worked as a Sports Reporter for the Washington Examiner and interning for The LaVar Arrington Radio Show with Chad Dukes in Washington DC.  Nabeel also worked as a sports editor for and a basketball writer for

Nabeel is a second generation bandwagon fan. 
His dad Charlie, emigrated from Lebanon to the great state of Oklahoma. Charlie, being new to America, adopted two of America’s teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers. His mom, Selwa, tried to corrupt him at a young age and turn him into a Skins fan.  She even attempted to purchase Redskins clothing for her son, but the apparel always found a nice location — the trash can.  

Nabeel argues that he has the right to those two teams due to his dad’s location (Oklahoma) and the Lakers-Celtics being the only coverage for the NBA back in the 80’s.  His dad chose the Lakers due to Magic Johnson and his hate for the believed-to-be ‘racist’ Boston city.

Nabeel embraced the Cowboys more than his own family, now even vowing to name his first son Emmitt (after Emmitt Smith) and has been in a relationship with Kobe Bryant for around four years.

Nabeel is an NFL expert and die-hard fan. He knows his stuff about the NBA, College Football and College Basketball.

Nabeel is also on a mission to become the biggest MLB fan (his passion has slowly been brewing for America’s past time). He can also dibble and dabble on international soccer as well, thanks to his Lebanese heritage.