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Heroes of the Week:

1.  Darren Clarke

2.  Jim Thome

3.  Mel Kiper Jr. 

Villains of the Week:

1.  Japan

2.  Harry Potter

3.  Lamar Odom

Redskins Preview: Will The Shanahan’s System Work?

Kevin previews the hometown Washington Redskins

July 19th Podcast

Kevin and Nabeel recap the events from this past weekend, talk MLB trade rumors for the Nationals, NFL free agents and NBA players going overseas.

Cleaning Out The Fridge

A new mondaymorning segment from Kevin, where he unloads some old sports thoughts from the back of his mind.

Mel Kiper Jr. Interview

Thanks to the world of Twitter, Kevin happened to catch some buzz that Mel Kiper Jr. was in his hometown of Chantilly, VA. Kevin caught up with the ESPN analyst regarding the lockout, paying college athletes and who to watch for during the 2011 season.

Podcast: July 12th

Topics ranging from MLB All-Star game to the future of the NFL. As the guys gear up for the remainder of the MLB season, the British Open and the pending NBA and NFL lockouts, they touch on a variety of subjects across the sports world.

Balls Deep Softball Report: Week 1

The sexiest 2007 Chantilly graduates convened for their fourth annual softball season Tuesday night. Follow all the trials and tribulations on Bold Sports Talk

Davey Johnson: A Dream Come True For The Nats

Kevin describes his mentor from last summer Davey Johnson. KJ thinks that Davey could be around for the long haul

Part Two: NBA Mock Draft

More concise descriptions and better researched player comparisons for Kevin's post-lottery edition of the NBA Mock Draft

2011 NBA Mock Draft

In preparation for his trip to the Big Apple for the NBA Draft, Kevin breaks down picks 1-14. Of course there are some surprises. Each pick also includes a comparison. Part two coming tomorrow.

10 Things to Remember from the NBA Finals

Did the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA Finals or did LeBron James and the Heat lose it? The media, led by ESPN, make it seem like the Heat lost it. That the Mavericks didn’t earn it through hard work, team chemistry and a superior fourth quarter closing ability. . .